Celebrate Halloween at Crunkburger

Custom Jack-o-lanterns by Crunkburger friends and family
Happy Halloween 2012 from Crunkburger. Custom jack-o-lanterns designed by friends and family.

Happy Halloween 2012. Join us for the Least Original Cliche Costume Contest. The winner will receive gift cards to out-of-business restaurants redeemable only at the Circuit City located on the 2nd floor in the Gainesville Mall.

Breakfast and 2nd Breakfast specials include Creamed Candied Corn, Worms N Dirt, Eyeballs with Light Syrup, Pumpkin Puke Pie, Monster Brains, and Lattimore Leg Shank with Cheese Grits.

And as always, bring in your awful tasting peanut butter halloween candies to help fuel the DeLorean.

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